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Myrwood. Singer and musician always sharply dressed in black. An artist with a mission: to conquer the world and banish her demons with music that she describes as ‘cinematic electronic noir’.

Music to wander through endlessly, rendered in voice and synthesizer.
Both good for a strongly evocative combination of cinematic soundscapes and introspective lyrics. Music of contrasts as well: seductive and soft juxtaposed against cool and distant. A brooding and at times billowing reflection of her inspirations. Like the big city dating scene, where you seldom expose yourself and lust overflows, and her trip to Berlin, where the boundary between day and night faded.

Myrwood recorded her debut album, City Soundscape, in Brussels with producer/technician Michiel De Maeseneer (Sylvie Kreusch, Balthazar, Warhaus, Wende). Seven songs in all, full of soft hisses, sputters, and rattles, are undeniable proof of Myrwood’s boundless talent and dedication. A perfect, impressionistic décor for the dark but inviting ‘electronic noir’ with which Myrwood draws you into her world. A meandering between uncertainty and decisiveness, despair and hope.

Email: info@myrwood.com

DOB: 05/05/1994